About Us


Our Mission

Working to enrich peoples lives by using the best of conventional medicine and holistic approaches to help you maintain your optimal health. The whole person should be treated - mind, body, and spirit. 

Here at Aurora Wellness we can assist you on your healing journey.


Who We Are

Hi, I am Louise Clarke, owner of Aurora Wellness Centre.  I am dedicated to providing a distinct health care model that places the individual as a priority and to provide the education needed to make informed decisions about their own health from all available resources both clinical as well as holistic  therapies.  By truly combining supportive therapies, guided by specialists working together for optimal health and wellness for the individual.


What We Say

Most people hear "holistic" and only think diet and exercise. In the case of inflammation and chronic pain a holistic approach means integration.

At Aurora Wellness Centre we work as a team in conjunction with your medical doctors, physiotherapists, and chiropractors.  Looking at the overall picture isn't just about avoiding the use of pain medication, it also serves to find the best treatment for the individual, which results in safer, faster, long term, affordable healing.